Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is this a Get Rich Quick Scam?

A. Absolutely Not! This is not any sort of get rich quick scheme. If the stats shown seem
rather high, it's probably becuase you have not been exposed to this kind of information or
business before. There are many people I work with who do the same thing who make even
more money than me. If you apply yourself you can basically create any type of income you
want for yourself. You will get all the tools you need to make as much money as you want.
Of course I can't physically set everything up for you, but as long as you follow the training
material you will be up and running in no time. I will make sure you are satisfied with your

Q. Is this an offer for Employment or for a J.O.B.?

A. No, this is not a job offer with a set salary. This is a good thing that it's not, at a job
you will never make any real money. You may make enough to survive but you will never
make enough to really enjoy the finer things in life. You can make real money by applying
yourself to this program and working smart not hard. I will show you how I work smart and
earn 10 times more than I ever could at any job.

Q. How soon can I start?

A. You will be able to start as soon as you sign up for your registration. It does not matter
what time of day or night it is you will get immediate access and can start right away.

Q. How much money can I make with this program?

A. You will be able to make as much money as you want. There is no minumum and no
maximum on your earnings. It will depend on certain factors such as your motivation and
desire. If you want to make a lot of money, you can. Many people I work with make more
than $100,000 a year using this same type of system. Those results are not typical. In
order to achieve those types of results you need to put a fair amount of time and effort into
learning this system. Once you learn the system properly you can definately make that kind
of money. The more you put in the more you get out.

Q. How & When do I get paid?

A. There are multiple streams of income you will be able to earn once you get started.
You will be able to check your earnings online 24 hours a day. The compant you will be working with is very reputable and have never had any problems with late payments.

Q. I don't live in Singapore, can I still do this?

A. You can do this no matter where you are located; we have people all over the world
seeing success with this system. There is no need for any special equipment, all you need is
a computer and the internet.
The Web Hosting Package will work for anyone living
anywhere, as long as you have Internet access and know how to follow simple instructions.
System is very simple and easy to follow. You even get your own FREE WEBSITE. Who else can offer
such a DEAL? And Singapore is such a Cert driven place. If you go on trying to climb the "coporate
ladder", you may never reach the top or even earn a $5,000 salary.

Q. Can I be request other payment options?

A. At this time you can only be paid by PayPal and in some cases by direct deposit into your
bank account.

Q. Will you handle my income Taxes?

A. You will be responsible for your own taxes. We are not tax experts and suggest you
consult with a tax expert if you have any tax related questions.

Q. Are there set hours that I need to work?

A. No, you can work whenever you want to. You set your own hours.

Q. Does it require any special skills?

A. You do not need to have any special skills to use this program. You will be given all the
training material you need. As long as you hae basic knowledge of the internet you will be
able to see success in the program.

Q. What will I be doing?

A. When you join, all you have to do is to get back to me and I'll get you verified, offer you
a free webpage which will work on autopilot to earn you money. In order to start making
money you will need to market your website online. But don't worry I will personally provide
you with all the training material you need to get your website setup and profiting. and
coach you step by step along the way.

Q. Will I handle products, make phone calls, do Customer Support, etc?

A. No, you don't need to every worry about handling products, doing customer support, or
making phone calls. The companies you will be working with will do all of that for you. You
will earn commissions as high as 60% while the companies handle all the hard stuff. All you
need to do is get people to your website and your website will do the selling for you. The
training material will show you how to get people to your website on autopilot.

Q. Do I need to invest more once I get Involved?

A. When you get back to me after sigining up, I'll personally get you verified and create you
a webpage within 48 hours. you will be given all the training material you need to start
making money online. Your website will provide you with one stream of income.You can start
earning money with no further investment. You will also be given several upgrade options
which are completely optional. Any further investments are really up to you, they are not
necessary at all. The more you invest the more money you can make. However you can
start earning a full time income just using the basic page for $100.00 if you follow the
instructions properly.

Q. Do I need to pay hosting fees for the website is offers me?

A. When you get back to me after sigining up, I'll personally get you verified and create you
a webpage within 48 hours. You need n ot pay monthly hosting fee of what-so-ever. And
your website does not expire.

Q. I’m a very busy person, how much time does it take to use the Web Hosting

You just need to follow the instructions which are all so simple and set up your FREE website which is
so easy to start.
You basically can earn within 90minutes. Trust me, once you see the money pouring
in, you'll want to spend more time making more money! But all in all you it is a once-set-up Auto pilot
money earning system.
By Rosalind Tan.
But now when you have Found an opportunity of a
lifetime to Earn a Stable income…you hesitate about it.
You see, if you don’t invest in The Web Hosting Package now you will only spend that
money elsewhere and soon be back to the daily money struggles of life in Singapore, back
to wasting money on Toto and 4D for that little Hope, or even Fast Food which is also
expensive, with nothing to get in return
(I understand sincerely, I’ve literally spent
hundreds on toto and 4d just for that little hope of having a comfortable life)
. Well,
just to do my part I will eliminate any other factors that are stopping you from taking up
once in a lifetime offer. This is 5 Extremely Good reasons for you to trust me and
take this Chance laid out right before you,
You and ONLY You alone can take action now and
make a difference in your life you'd never forget!
Yes! I Want To Start EARNING NOW!
1. How will the Web Hosting Package be delivered to me?

Once you have successfully registered, your account will take up to 24 hours to set up. Meanwhile, please
email me so that I can personally guide you on your success!
Q. I do not know anything about internet marketing. What do I do?

Believe it or not, I myself had absolutely no idea that there is such a thing as internet marketing.
Because they had no media coverage on TV at all, I applied the formula exactly as it is given to me and
made massive amounts of profit right from the first week I used it. After awhile with diligence,
you will
Make it as Well!
Lets be realistic here, you have to put in some effort during the setting up and from
then it would be smooth sailing from there (usually the 3 days).
Q.Will I need to purchase any other product to make The Web Hosting
Package work?

I totally know how annoying it can be to be irritated with other promotions within an ebook when
you’ve just paid with your hard earned money for it in the first place. Also there’s nothing worse than
having to cough out more money to make something work as promised but not being told of it in

The Web Hosting Package
WILL NOT ask you to buy anything else for this system to work, nor will
you be forced to buy ANY product or service that will cost you a single CENT. All infomation  
recommended will be
completely free. You will NOT be required to purchase anything else or buy any
other product to make The Web Hosting Package work.
Do not put this off – You're only seconds away from getting THE REAL and Genuine,
money making system and You EVEN GET a
Download it now and you could be making thousands by the WEEKEND!
A portion of every Web Hosting Package purchase is donated to charity
P.S. If you still have any doubts click here to view real testimonials and check out what
actual members in Singapore have to say about The Web Hosting Package.
Look, I know for a fact that system works. I also know that this is an outstanding
offer…however I am very sure many people who could
benefit greatly from using Web
Hosting Package
won’t order. Truth be told …this doesn't bother me much.

But what really bothers me a Great Deal is the same people, be it your wife or girlfriend or
even a colleague spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on useless things that
never earns them a single copper Singapore cent –
yet they complain about having money
problems at the coffeeshop during lunch!

Think about it…how many times have you whipped out your wallet on the spot and
spent $50.00, $100.00, $300.00 or more on something that you didn’t quite need –
but bought anyway because it was on Discount or the brand gave it a right to
"Chop" you?
I Have No More Doubts Anymore
I Want To Start Earning Right Now!
Rosalind Tan
richestsg’s Promise

This is my Promise to you as member in Signing Up Today.
I ,
Rosalind Tan, will be providing you a 24hours support on all queries and
problems in regards to this system.

Not only you be receiving my support but I will also provide you with a
Step-by-Step guide which is proven by the tests and
trials to work.

100% Tuned and geared to provide you with a head start in obtaining
Financial Freedom.
Yes! I Want To Start EARNING NOW!
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